About Us

Flixels is a multi-disciplinary digital video production company.

Our Core Team


Nigel Rogers

DOP / Director / Filmmaker

Nigel has a lot of experience across a range of industries. From humble beginnings as an advertising art director, he returned to his passion for film making and camerawork. 

He founded Flixels way back in 2004, with associates in Shanghai, PRC he has worked on projects around the world.


Misato Yonemasu

Animator / Producer / Photographer

Misato has ten years experience in video production whilst retaining her hands on animation skills.


Greg Rogers

Camera Operator / Aerial / Underwater

Greg joined the team, bringing his skills with cameras both in the air and under the sea. He has operations approval (OA) from the CAA to fly drones commercially and has worked for a number of specialist industries on top of tv and cinematic experience.

Our Address

We really are digital nomads, not tied to a single place or country. Currently we have a live production studio in PlusX, Lewis Road, Brighton BN2 4GL

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