Our Services


For startups to Multinational Corporations

No project is too big or too small as we scale our team to fit your requirements and budget.


Stunning Aerial Visuals

We operate fully within CAA guidelines (OA) and can fly a range of cameras to places that give a dramatic perspective.


Moving pixels

We have the talent to apply ourselves to hand drawn, stopframe, computer graphics and cgi.

Social Media Content

Your camera person IRL

Need to give your social media a boost, we can send a camera person in for a day to brainstorm and shoot content.


Have a Story to Tell?

We like to be involved from the early days of pre production right through to the finesse of post production.


Property + Mapping

Avoid or resolve land boundary disputes by having your property accurately mapped + verified by a specialist property lawyer.

Travel + Tourism

Have a Story to Tell?

We enjoy the adventure and challenge of shooting in far flung places of the globe. Wherever the story leads.

Post Production

The finesse of filmmaking

Editing, SFX, Music, ADR, Voiceovers, Foley, Colour Grading. Whatever your post production needs do get in touch.

TV + Web Channels

World-class videos

New idea development, pilot shows, we can add value and crew to any TV production. We are collaborative.

Music Videos

World-class videos

Ok, making music videos is fun and a time to let your creative hair down. If you need a music video do get in touch.


World-class videos

Getting to grips with the nuance of real life we don't shy away from portraying the truth. Or at least distinct views of it.


On top of camera developments

FPV, 360VR, Thermal, Mapping, Underwater, 3D, Green screen, we can advise how best to make happen

Skill Sharing + Income streams

Teach, Inspire and get paid.

Do you have a skill or knowledge that you want to share, that adds value to others?

We can produce, film, edit and put online video that does just that.

This can be viewed at any time by anyone in the world and generate you revenue.

Podcast/Vodcast studio

Do it yourself or fully crewed.

Got something to say or share, perhaps what you are looking for
are the expertise and access to kit to get you started or to raise
your production quality to a higher level?

Either way do get in touch for a chat.

Why us?

Best Filming Equipment

We use the right tool for the job which is influenced by the budget and desired outcome.

Over 25 Years of Experience

Expertise combined with a willingness to experiment and push boundaries results in great films.

Professional Editing

Post production starts with the edit but can involve many other skills and processes dependent on the budget.